The leaders in renovations on the Mornington Peninsula

As leaders in the custom renovation field, Alternate Vision offer an outstanding, personalised home renovation/addition service on the Mornington Peninsula and in the Melbourne Bayside area. No matter what the project, we perform any and all types of custom design renovation work.

We pride ourselves on providing a complete renovation solution for homes across the Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne Bayside suburbs. we provide a professional and highly personal service with quality support every step of the way. From the start to the finish, we will ensure your project runs smoothly.Our renovation services include, but are not limited to:

  • Home extensions
  • Single storey
  • Double storey
  • Heritage
  • Period restoration

What is custom building?

So what is custom home building and renovating? Custom home building and renovating is all about being able to have any and all aspects of your project exactly the way you want them. Alternate Vision do not have plans to choose from, we are not in the business of volume building the same projects over and over again. We are committed to bringing your unique, one-off, personalised dream home to life.

We work closely with our clients to learn exactly what they want from their new home and work hard to ensure the project meets our client’s needs, is as cost-effective as it can possibly be with smart building and design methods. Furthermore, our unique custom building process gives you the ability to design your home around the land on which it will sit and within your chosen environment. You’ll choose and design everything from room sizing and layouts to window locations and styles, materials, colours and finishes.

Renovation process

Plan – The planning process: If you already have professional plans drawn up, bring them in to us and we can begin to plan and discuss the project. Alternatively, if you don’t have any plans drawn up, we have architects and draftsmen available to draft them up for you.

Pricing – Once we have reviewed your plans, we have the ability to determine a concept price. This estimate will indicate the likely cost of a project and see how it fits within your budget. If required, changes can be made to the design to help better meet your budget and design requirements.

Permits – Alternate Vision will take care of the necessary building permits to ensure we can get the building process up and running as quickly as possible. **Permits and regulations will differ suburb to suburb.

Construction – When it comes to construction, we will guide you through every step of the project.

Difficult builds, blocks or locations?

Alternate Vision are experienced builders of bushfire prone and sloping difficult site properties across the Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne’s bayside suburbs. We can ensure that the project you have or are planning on designing can meet the many requirements, regulations and complexities of bushfire prone areas and sloping difficult site building.

Bring us your building plans and we can discuss the options for ensuring you get the most out of your new custom home building project and budget.

Don’t have plans? That’s OK. We can assist with these as well. Alternate Vision offer a thorough custom design and development service from initial designs and ideas through to completion of your dream new home building project.

HIA award winning

Build on the Mornington Peninsula with an award winning builder. See more here.

For further information about our renovations or new homes on the Mornington Peninsula, contact our professional team at 0414 536 134.